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"Truly a Masterful Work of Art"

This nationally known artist, Wayne Trinklein, has been producing his unique and beautifully sculpted copper trees for over 30 years. 

In order to achieve realistic structure and textures, the trees have minimal twisting.  Instead, a mass of wire is molded and shaped with custom made splints, molds, and retainers.  With high heat, it is then fused solid.  Tin and lead are applied to the surface and carefully heated to achieve the color and texture of the bark.  The tree is firmly anchored into the rock with a taproot. Appropriate development of the branchlets is made to shape the crown.  A signed metal plaque is attached to the rock.  The tree and rock are sealed with a clear resin to retard oxidation.  In some cases, a hygroscopic oxidizer is applied to the base and crevasses of the trunk to facilitate the formation of a green "moss" over time.  Under wet conditions, the terminal branchlets will develop a patina in time.  If kept dry, the bright copper will gradually become a woody brown color.

Each tree sculpture is truly a masterful work of art for the owner to enjoy for years and years to come!

The Blue Spruce

Cedar By The Water's Edge

The Apple Tree

View All Copper Sculpted Tree Products

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